VII. Appendices

I. Email/phone survey questionnaire

1. How many employees does your company or your companyís web department have?

2. Which is the number of sales leads generated through your web on a daily base?

3. How many orders and product sales are obtained via your site per day?

4. What is the amount of products and services distributed via your Web Site?

5. What is the amount of exposure key products and services are receiving each day (e.g., are visitors to your site going to the pages you want them to go)?

6. Finally and most important what is the percentage of revenue coming from products and services exposed on your Web?

II. Commercial Site Review

All-Internet Shopping
Directory Online shopping

This directory organizes the online purchases into a topic index of hundreds of electronic malls and cybershops as well as products with very low prices. The very well organized interactive environment of the site helps customers to move easily between the different cybermalls and look at different offers. Books
Online bookstore

The Amazon.comís content boasts a great selection of books. Its inventory of over one million titles is searchable by keyword, author, title, or subject, and just about everything has a discount at least 10 percent. As for interactive, e-mails automatically to customers a book title that matches his particular interests when it arrives in stock. The graphics are good and effective .

American Airlines
Airline Website

The site content includes options like viewing seating charts to actually booking flights. Information on tour packages, fares, frequent flier program, and airport arrivals is also available. Graphics are very strong particularly with the digital version of the in-flight magazine. The site's balance of power and convenience makes it a handy resource and a powerful interactive outlet.

American Demographics, Inc
Demographic information

The content of this site is what makes it powerful as a marketing resource. As a Dow Jones company, American Demographics has very detailed and rich information on every market trend. As for interactive, the clever layout helps the visitor to move easily among the different subjects.

Auto manufacturer

The Web design of this site is what makes it as trendy as the cars themselves. Available in German and English, the site gives the choice to the visitor to interact with the company's latest products. Well written content comes to complete the picture of this very well implemented site.

Book Stacks Unlimited
Virtual Bookstore

BookStacks Unlimited has 400,000 book titles that it offers through the web. In addition V. Bookstore provides the visitor with the ability of searching the large inventory with a very friendly user interface. Thereís a daily journal, a digital café, virtual shelves by subject or author. BookStacks' has a very amiable interface as part of itís really successful design.

Virtual CDStore

CDNow has 165,000 CDs in a variety of genres. It also offers information on the latest music industry news and gives to users the ability to hear different pop sounds. The commercial transaction is pretty easy using options like credit card, check, or money order purchases which can be made off or on-line. The interface is colorful and very friendly.

Virtual CDStore

CDWorld is similar to CDNow in both concept and size. Like CDNow, CDWorld boasts 165,000 titles, as well as thousands of movies and laserdisks. With special sales, featured artists, competitive prices, and quick delivery, CDWorld is a straight competitor to CDNow.

Classic Automobiles, Inc.
Virtual Classic Autostore

This site is based in New York. It offers world-wide sales of previously owned exotic vehicles. This is a good virtual lot for high-end car shoppers with a big variety of classic car models. Although its layout is pretty simple, its concept and presentation are its major pros.

DBC Online
Financial news

DBC Online provides stock updates in two plans; a basic free plan with a 15 minute delay and a premium with a charge for real-time quotes. It also offers financial and world news. DBC's service allows users to build their own portfolio, tracking the progress of favorite stocks. For promotional purposes thereís a separate page which tracks the latest sports news and scores. Standard layout with easy interface.

Entrepreneur Resource Center
Independent Business Information

Entrepreneur Resource Center offers information resources for building a profitable home-based business. Basic layout with a unique focus targeting a very broad segment of the population.

Honda Motor
Car manufacturer

This is the official home page of the American Honda Motor Company. The site offers electronic brochures of latest models, and other features. The site also features multimedia tools like RealAudio (Live audio for the Web)The visitor can click on the model lineup icon for photos, specs, and engineering information. Thereís also a U.S. dealership database searchable by zip code. Links to Honda sponsored sporting events, and other features enhance the marketing concept of what is a good virtual showroom. Layout and content is one of the best in this category.

Hoover's Online
Company information Web service

Hoover's Online is a company search information service. Hooverís search uses the MasterList Plus Database. It offers links to the company Web site of the day. Users can also check out the business world's latest pecking order. Thereís also a catalog of business reference products. Purchase options offered over the Internet or via a toll-free number. Layout is very attractive and makes user comfortable during the search process.

Internet Shopping Network
Computer-products online store

The Internet Shopping Network gives a unique experience to the visitor to browse in a huge variety of computer goods. The site's friendly interface and listing of the latest electronic products are its most interesting marketing aspects.

JC Penney
Virtual Department Store

JC Penney online store offers a big selection of sale items. In addition it gives helpful tips on home-making. After visiting the Web site shoppers can dial a toll-free number and order anything from the online catalogue. This is a site on its development stage which will soon offer secure transaction option to its visitors.

L.L. Bean
Leisure products online store

LL Beans Web site offers its complete catalogs in a very well done layout. It also offers visitors information about state and national parks as well as a variety of outdoor activities. Secure transaction option is not yet available.

Web virtual shopping mall

MarketplaceMCI features a collection of independently-owned and operated Web stores, each with its own specialty. The different online stores offer a great variety of products that seem to cover a very broad consumer population. Excellent interface and layout. Secure transaction option is also available.

777-FILM on the web

MovieLink offers an online version of MovieFone. Users can select by city, by theater, by title, or genre, with complete and current movie times. MovieLinkís multimedia resources make it more attractive to visitors, a unique concept for attracting prospective advertisers.

NECX Direct
Computer products online store

NECX Direct offers the ability to the user to browse by product category, or just type in what heís looking for. The products displayed along with a photo, description, and specification sheet. Very interesting layout which gives a pleasant shopping experience to the visitor. Purchase availability offered only under membership agreement.

PC Quote
Online financial information

PC Quote gives visitors updated information on the stock market. By offering several different tiers of service, PC Quote marketers try to attract all levels of interested parties. The free service offers stock quotes (delayed 20 minutes) as well as a symbol guide. The service offers unlimited quotes, charts, fundamentals, portfolio services, option pages, rankings, fund pages, indexes, statistics, and more. Appropriate layout and design helps the user to read easier the financial data displayed.

Pizza Hut
Virtual Restaurant

One of the older storefronts on the internet. An absolutely masterful marketing coordination of the use of the Web together with a print media campaign which maneuvered the press for publicity purposes. Although its pioneer presence on the Web, Pizza Hut was not successful as an online pizza restaurant. As for the marketing aspect, the publicity continues.

Real Estate On-Line
Virtual Real Estate Agency

Real Estate On-Line is a combination of ads for retail and residential real estate in New York City. It has a long directory of realtors and property owners which link you to different real estate property ads. There a number of properties advertised with frequent additions. Once somebody finds a piece of property that he/she finds interesting he/she can also come back and find an interior designer for it. This site also includes a report on trends in New York real estate market. Interesting layout with a big variety of listings.

Tax Prophet
Tax Advisory Service

Tax Prophet is a Website of a San Francisco attorney. The site educates U.S. and foreign taxpayers about the Internal Revenue Code. There are a number of different consulting services available. Friendly user interface and layout that make the navigating experience pleasant for anybody visiting the site.

Texas Instruments
Hardware Manufacturer

Texas Instruments, an international technology company, has always made a strong showing in hand-held calculators, but it has its corporate hands in semiconductors, notebook computers, and more. The site provides extensive product information, and in detail: the semiconductor notes are very easy to find. Carefully designed layout with well written content make this site attractive to visitors.

The Sharper Image
Alternative product catalogue

The Sharper Image is one of the most successful mail-order catalogs because it provides for people looking to buy unique products with alternatives. The site also offers a "Gift Finder" for undecided customers. The site offers the customer a choice of different order payment methods, a very good marketing technique.

Voyager Company
Interactive media publisher

Voyager mixes business and pleasure at its site. The visitor can find catalogs of all the CD-ROM titles. The site offers quite a mix of thought-provoking content. A very innovative type of marketing concept.

Wall Street Journal
Financial information publication

This is the interactive edition of the Wall Street Journal. The visitors of the site can view world market economy information. There are also selected offerings from the current print issue and a great layout and design that create a powerful interactive environment for the visitor of the site. Access is currently offered on a free registration base but there are plans for future paid subscription access.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers Interactive

The site promotes the latest offerings at How to "Choose a Weight-loss Program", which targets dieters personal needs and priorities. The WW products, including foods and accessories, are also marketed at the home page. The site also promotes good eating habits in general at its Nutrition Facts & Tips page, which offers basic information on diet-busters such as fat, sugar and dining out. A carefully designed site for people who have minimal to maximum web experience.

Wells Fargo
Online banking

Wells Fargo, one of the pioneers for online banking, delivers a safe route for businesses on the Internet. The marketing concept is that banking online with Wells Fargo is less threatening than an ATM, and it's made secure with encryption and authentication. The customer provides his/her social security number and a password, but his/her complete account number is never transmitted. All these functions happen in a very well organized interactive environment.

World Real Estate Network
Online real estate

WREN lists homes, business properties, industrial sites and even ranches around the world. WREN lets the user search for any kind of property rentals or sales by area, or other variables.. Some of the properties are pictured, while others require user to e-mail his/her request and wait for a response. The site is heavily supported by brokers and other sources of advertising.

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