About Me

I was born in Athens, Greece, 39 years ago to a Greek mother, a dentist, and an American father, from Greek descent, the CEO for the IVECO Corporation headquarters in Greece. For the first 5 years we lived in an Athens' suburb, Kalamaki, and later moved further from Athens to another of its southern suburbs by the Saronic shore, Glyfada, where I spent most of my childhood and teenage years.

I attended private schools all my academic life. Initially I went to a Greek school up to the 6th grade and from then on, I went to The American Community Schools of Athens, from grade 7 to 12. As soon as I graduated from high school, I left for the States, and attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, from where I received a BA in photography.

I later found that my degree was not what I exactly had in mind, and while in Greece for the summer, I happened to find out about an American college there, where I decided to get a more useful degree. During the second semester of my freshman year at The American University of Southeastern Europe, I changed my major from pre-med to psychology.

I graduated from The American University with a BA in clinical and childhood psychology in May of 1992, and recently graduated from Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, with a MA.E. in counseling psychology. I worked on my internship at DYFS of The State of New Jersey, located in Bloomfield, NJ.

Now, time will tell, but I am currently working as a therapeutic counselor in Washington DC.

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