Thasos is an island in northeastern Greece, off the coast of Macedonia, in the Aegean Sea, with an area of 375 square kilometers (145 square miles) and a population of 13,111. The principal industries of the island are lumbering, olive oil and wine production, sheep and goat raising and fishing. Its mineral deposits include crude oil, natural gas, lead, zinc, and marble. The land is mountainous, rising to an elevation of about 1,200m (3,945ft) at Ipsarion.

Thasos was settled by the Parians in the late 8th century BC. It was held successively by the Persians, the Athenians, and the Spartans, before falling in 340 BC to Philip II, king of Macedonia. It was held by Rome after 197 BC. Thasos later became part of the Byzantine Empire from the 4th century AD until 1453, when it fell to the Ottoman Turks. It was ceded to Greece by the Treaty of Bucharest in 1913.

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